Who and why does Kazakhstan's saiga antelope give trouble?

Experts question the department's statistics, as well as decisions made at state level regarding saigas   In early summer, there was renewed talk of a decent increase in saiga numbers. Some were happy about the revival of the stock, while others were worried about the crops. There were those who were preparing for a "harvest": a draft order of...


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Who and why does Kazakhstan’s saiga antelope give trouble?

Experts question the department’s statistics, as well as decisions made at state level regarding saigas   In early summer, there Читать далее…

Safeguarding the nature: investment into environmental protection increased by 34% over the year

The number of fixed point sources of pollution in 10 years has increased by 58%   Environmental issues are extremely Читать далее…

Focus on ESG: the world is confidently switching to green rails and sustainable development principles

In Kazakhstan, only some of the major backbone companies, major market players, and national development institutions are ready to implement Читать далее…

Renewable energy generation capacities goes up by 40% year-on-year in Kazakhstan in 1Q2016

Clean energy generation jumps by 130% year-on-year in this period

Kazakh oil refineries supplied 73.3% of motor fuel consumed and 97.4% of diesel fuel consumed in the country. Petrol output increased by 10.6% and production of gasoils by 3.6%

​The price of the most popular octane-93 petrol increased by 16.4% year on year to KZT125 per litre in July. The price of summer diesel increased by 3.3% year on year to KZT99 per litre

Production of equipment for the oil and gas sector increases by 82.5% year on year in January-July 2016

​The sector is boosted by key projects such as the launch of oil production at the Kashagan field expected in the fourth quarter of this year

Output of unrefined and semi-refined gold increased by 21.5% year on year, that of refined gold by 16.5%

​Jewellery prices jump by 20.1% year on year on average in Kazakhstan, by 50% in Astana

Industrial enterprises navigate to sustainable development

Major industrial companies’ investments into social and infrastructure projects in 2019 exceeded 140 billion Tenge   Kazakhstan has been holding Читать далее…

Hotel rates increase by 11.1% year on year in June 2016, health resorts by 11.5%

​The number of hotels, rest homes and other facilities to accommodate tourists increased by 12.7% in the past year

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